Highest Paying Fun88 Affiliate Program – 45% Revenue Share

Join the Fun88 Affiliate program in 3 simple steps & get a 45% initial revenue share for 2 months. Bring more real-money players, generate revenue & earn more.

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In recent times, online betting sites has been widely regarded as one of the best ways to be entertained and thus, there are many online betting sites emerging. Yet, among all the new and upcoming betting sites, only few of them remain at the top as they are considered to be the best with giving services to its customers. Fun88 is one such online betting site, and if you are looking to start a business or make money at the side, then becoming a Fun88 Affiliate via a Fun88 Login Affiliate is the best way to start as you can get up to 45% revenue on the first 2 months for every player you bring to Fun88. To know more about the coolest Fun88 affiliate program read on!

What is the Fun88 Affiliate Program about?

In order to understand what the Fun88 Affiliate Program is first let us understand how affiliate program on online betting sites work in general. An affiliate program is like the general contract between you and the online betting site wherein you have to promote the products offered by your betting site through different means and in return gain profit for the times your referred gamblers place betting stakes to play the games at the betting site. In short, the more players you manage to bring to the site, the more bets they will play, and the more money you will earn.


  • The Fun88 affiliate program is similar where you will gain returns for the amount of times the players brought in by you place stakes on the products available at Fun88.
  • All you must do is join Fun88 as an affiliate by applying for it and wait for the request to be approved. Once done, you will get access to the affiliate free account at Fun88 where you can start running your business by keeping track of the people you brought in.
  • As mentioned above, the number of people who join Fun88 through you will have to place bets, and this would increase your revenue so the more people you get to join Fun88, the more you will join.
  • In short, you will get a commission based on the overall profit the Fun88 would make from the customers you brought in.

The commission at Fun88 gives you 45% revenue on the first two months this can go up depending on how many players you manage to bring via your marketing. So, as long as the players you bring in keep playing, you will get more profits which can increase overtime, and this commission will be paid on monthly basis. Thus, the Fun88 affiliate program is the best side business you can start at Fun88 within only a few minutes. To know more about what are you responsibilities as a Fun88 affiliate and how you can become a good affiliate via marketing means, read on!

Top 5 benefits of representing Fun88 as an Affiliate

Joining Fun88 will bring to you many opportunities and so, it is important to look into all the cool things you can get as a Fun88 Affiliate. The best part about being a part of the Fun88 family in marketing their products is that you can gain many benefits from it and not only income. Let us take a look at the top 5 benefits you can get for representing and promoting Fun88 as an Affiliate.

  1. High Revenue Share: Firstly, let’s talk about the high revenue share you can get from becoming affiliated with Fun88. When most online casinos look for affiliates they usually offer up to 30% commission however, at Fun88 you can claim up to 45% and that too in the first two months!
  2. Can Request Higher Revenue: Not only this, but if you feel like you should be getting more commission based on the hard work you put it or if the money you used is more than the 45% commission you will receive, then you can contact Fun88 and request them to increase the revenue percent accordingly.
  3. Easy Requirements: Lastly, getting customers to Fun88 and thus increasing your revenue percent is very easy not only for you but also the customers as they have to fulfill only the basic requirements to join Fun88. These include being the proper age that 18 and above and making the minimum deposit and playing from time to time.
  4. Marketing Support Provided: Next, as a Fun88 affiliate, you will get access to the Fun88 affiliate marketing products like banners, promotion images and more on request. Moreover, you will get access to a dashboard where you can track the number of people you bring to the Fun88 via your marketing.
  5. Easy for Marketing: Fun88 is extremely easy to market and this is not only because of the help you will get from Fun88, but also, the products offered by Fun88 are genuinely fun to play as it brings a wide range of gaming ways to choose from and what is even cooler is that all the products come with their own Fun88 Bonus for new members.

What are the Fun88 Products you will Market as an Affiliate?

Fun88 lives up to its name as here the fun never stops! You can get access to many products to play as a customer and thus, marketing the site becomes even more easier. Here, you can join the Fun88 website as a customer first to explore some of the coolest products you can find in the betting world online so that you can go ahead and promote them after making a Fun88 affiliate login with ease.


  1. Sportsbook: First on the list we have the Fun88 Sports book section which has a lot to offer. Here, you can find 4 different sportsbook to choose from to place your bets on live or upcoming sports matches which are  BetB2B, Betfair Exchange, Saba Sports, and BTi Sports. You can play cricket betting, soccer betting, basketball betting, hockey betting, and even eSports and Finance betting under the Fun88 sports section.
  2. Live Casino: Next, the Fun88 Live Casino section is another place where many people enjoy playing as there are game rooms for some of the most classic casino games provided here. The games at the Fun88 Casino are Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Roulette, and they are offered by top game room providers in the betting world online like Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Amazing Gaming, Sexy Gaming, Microgaming, Super Spade, and Playtech.
  3. Card Games: Do not mistake card games online for live dealer games as Card Fun88 Games is another fun section at Fun88 you can use to play. The card games here are are provided by the famous game room provider KingMaker, and it offers you with virtual game rooms for playing games like 7 Up 7 Down, Tipple Chance, Sic Bo, Jhandi Munda, Poker Roulette, Fish Prawn Crab, etc.
  4. Slots: No online betting site is complete with slot games and at the Fun88 Slots, you can find some of the best online games to play when it comes to slots betting online. Here, you can find different themed slot games provided by classy providers like SPRIBE, Microgaming, JILI slots, Playtech, Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, and many more that offer games like Neko Fortune, Triple Monkey, Highway Kings, Zhao Cai Tong Zi, Inca Jackpot, etc.
  5. Virtuals: Next we have the Virtual section at Fun88 which is basically taking sports betting online to another level. Here, you can play virtual sports betting on ice hocket and cricket matches which are generated and based on computers. The odds are also based on RNG systems and the game is completely virtual where you must predict which made up team will win the match and more using the general sports betting options.

If you are thinking this is all Fun88 has to offer then you are wrong because at Fun88 you can get other products like TV games and Instant Games that you can use to play online betting, to know more read this detailed Fun88 Review. Besides this, you can also find some cool promotion deals under the Fun88 Bonus section that you can claim as well as product alongside its respective products.

Join the Affiliate Program at Fun88 in 3 simple steps!

Now that you know everything about the Fun88 affiliate program let us introduce you to the 3 simple steps to help you become a fun88 affiliate and make a Fun88 login affiliate account. Using these three steps would help you join Fun88 as an affiliate and also give you the necessary means to market Fun88 to others so that they can join and you can earn for every player that joins through your marketing.

Step 1: Visit the Fun88 site and click on Join as Affiliate

  • The first thing that you must do is go to the Fun88 official website by typing Fun88inr.com on your online browser.
  • However, to avoid any fraudulent links or third-party links from taking you to a harmful site, use the link provided on our homepage to directly access the official Fun88 website.


  • Once you are here, you can click on the three-line button to access the menu panel of Fun88. Here, you can see all the products as well as all the additional things offered by Fun88.
  • Among all these cool things, you will find an option for ‘Join as an Affiliate‘ to make a Fun88 login affiliate account, which you have to click to access the Fun88 affiliate membership form.

Step 2: Click on Join Now to access registration form

  • When you complete step 1, you will be taken to a new page made for the people who want to a part of the Fun88 affiliate program.
  • Here, you will find a ‘Join Now‘ button at the top right corner, which you must click to be taken to the Fun88 affiliate login registration form.


  • On the same page, you will also find more information about the Fun88 affiliate program which you can read thoroughly for a better understanding of how you can use the affiliate account you will be creating.

Note: You can also create a Fun88 member account by making a Fun88 Sign Up before the Fun88 Affiliate login, this will help you play at the products given by Fun88 to get a first-hand experience making it easier for you to promote the website.

Step 3: Fill out the form and become a Fun88 Affiliate

  • Now that you are at step 3, you are only a minute away from signing up as a Fun88 affiliate on the Fun88 official site.
  • Here, you will have to fill out the registration form accurately to make a successful Fun88 affiliate login.


  • Username: You must enter a unique username that contains 4 to 12 letters and numbers only. This needs to be in lowercase with no spaces or special characters. Remember to create a unique username which is also professional as this will be used as your Fun88 affiliate login credentials.
  • Password: The password you create must be strong and something only you can remember, this should be between 6 to 12 characters using letters and numbers only. No use of spaces or special characters is required here.
  • Full Name: In this section, you should enter your full name and it is suggested that your full name should be entered as  it is in your bank account and/or PAN card. This means that even if there is a spelling mistake, you will have to enter as it is in the prescribed legal documents.
  • Email Address: In the email address section, you must enter a valid and active email address as it will be required for contact purposes. We recommend entering a business email ID here as you will be contacted for professional purposes via Email as a Fun88 affiliate.
  • Mobile Number: Lastly, you must enter a phone number that is active and valid as it will come in handy for password recovery purposes via OTP. Your phone number may also be used by Fun88 to contact you for professional purposes as well as for sending OTPs whenever required.

5 Ways to Market Fun88 as an Affiliate

It is mentioned above that as  a Fun88 affiliate you can get access to many marketing products by them that will help you in marketing the Fun88 products to others so that they can join via your influence and you can get the revenue share for each member you bring. So, here we have the 5 most popular ways in which you can market the Fun88 and its products online.

  1. Video Content Creation: Firstly, you can go ahead and create videos and post them on popular platforms like YouTube. These videos can be recordings of how you can play sports betting or the games offered by Fun88. Additionally, you can also make tutorial videos for the live dealer games and upload it online for new members to learn.
  2. Website: Another best way to become a Fun88 affiliate is by creating and hosting a website like ours. Here, you can upload blogs on tutorials, bonus offers, and even explain how to play sports betting using Fun88. This website must be active at all times and provide people with links to access the Fun88 products on the official betting site.
  3. Social Media: Social Media is the fastest growing networking platform that connects millions of people instantly, and so it is the fastest way to communicate and reach millions of people by marketing the products of Fun88. You can use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and other means of communication to bring people to the Fun88 site.
  4. Emails: Another best way of sending offers and promoting the betting site is by emailing the targeted audience and introducing them to all the welcome bonus offers they can get as a Fun88 member. You can also give direct links for joining Fun88 via email advertisements.
  5. Bonus Offers: Lastly, you can introduce bonus offers that will attract many people to join the Fun88 site. Here, you can market Fun88 using their welcome bonus offers on all the products. You could also come up with your own bonus offer that is pocket-friendly and attractive to many new joiners.


This was all about the Fun88 Affiliate Program that you definitely should consider joining if you want to make huge money as a side hustle. In fact, this affiliate program, considering it is one of the best in the betting world online, could be enough to give you a good monthly income if taken up seriously as a full time deal. Not only this, but as a Fun88 affiliate, you would not have to rely on other business tool as you can get access to a personalized dashboard of how much traffic you bring to the Fun88 website. So, this all-rounder affiliate program deal is something you definitely should consider joining!

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